robot playing cards

Free Texas Holdem poker against robot players.

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The game is poker, no limit Texas Holdem tournaments, just like you see on TV. Playing is free.

Your cards are in the lower left, surrounded by grey.

The rest of the players are robots. Each robots use math to decide what to do. Unless it decides to bluff.

Play for fun and glory. No actual money changes hands. The robots don't need money.

When it’s your turn, the controls are for choosing a bet.

When it’s not your turn, the controls are for choosing the speed the robots play.

Win by taking all the chips from all the robots.

There are a few known bugs, but they should not affect your game playing. Report problems to bugs – at –

Over time I plan to add more features, including:

  • More player control over the game parameters, example colors, number of players, starting chips and blind timer.
  • More player control over the robots, examples: make them more or less aggressive or more less experienced.
  • Ability to cheat, example, see the robot’s cards.
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    Cookies: This site uses cookies for analytics. The cookies are not necessary for game play.

    Privacy: The game play engine sends every bet to a server. The server computes the robots play, then sends the results back to your browser. The game's state, and therefore your bet, are saved on the server without any personally identifiable information.